About K-Cakes Bakery

K-Cakes Bakery is a family-owned bakery located in Chandler, AZ, that offers the highest quality in gourmet pastries and baked goods. I just started, and we have 5-star ratings and reviews from my customers. The bakery also received its Chandler license. I strive to be your premier provider of all manner of sweets and treats, with the finest selection of custom cakes, sugar cookies, and cupcakes. My cakes are eggless, vegan, and handcrafted. You're more than welcome to take a look through my menu and see what you like. I also do a custom design based on the theme you request. I bake my cakes as fresh as possible before it gets to you. I always choose fresh ingredients to serve you tasty and quality cakes. My cookies are customized according to customers' party themes, and pre-ordering is needed. Kick start your event with my custom eggless cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and trifles. To explore my fantastic selection of baked sweets and treats, please feel free to call K-Cakes Bakery today!